Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suspect in Military shooting pleads not guilty...

Thanks to Bluepitbull for first blogging about this...update from CNN:

For those that don't know, Abdulhakim Bledsoe shot up a military recruitment center yesterday, killing one soldier and wounding another.

Bledsoe faces 1 count of first degree murder and 16 counts of engaging in a terrorist act.

He is going to plead "not guilty." Not sure how he sees this one going...

Before the not guilty plea, authorities said Bledsoe waived his Miranda rights Monday and gave a video statement indicating that there were "political and religious" motives in the shooting.

He "stated that he was a practicing Muslim, that he was mad at the U.S. military because of what it had done to Muslims in the past," homicide detective Tommy Hudson said in a police report.

Police recovered three guns from the vehicle: an SKS semi-automatic rifle, a .22-caliber rifle and a .380-caliber automatic pistol, Thomas said. No explosives were found.

The victims were shot with an SKS rifle, according to the police report.

I have to agree with Bluepitbull on this: The recruiters should be armed. Maybe they could have defended themselves, especially if this starts occuring on a regular basis.



If we can't trust our miltary with guns, who can we trust?

James' Muse said...

Exactly. I think Bluepit nailed this one exactly.

bluepitbull said...

The biggest thing here is this: Where is the outrage from the pres?

Where is the outrage on msnbc and cnn? Nowhere.

An late term abortionist gets killed and eveyone gets all butt-hurt about it and he's a martyr. A young man who volunteered to serve the country gets shot. Nothing.

I don't know that I nailed anything but I am upset about the lack of coverage. As far as arming the Army, I'm not really sure that's a good idea, I was kind of mad when I wrote that.

If that's the way we have to go, fine. I would like to see very strong punitive action in this case, ie: death penalty, to ensure this stays to a minimum.

James' Muse said...

Well hopefully he will be given the maximum sentence; he is facing one murder and sixteen counts of terrorism. That's quite a bit, especially with a taped confession.

I think the outrage should have been higher, but the article I linked was on the front page of CNN this morning. I don't watch the TV version, but I did see it on the online version just a few hours ago.

Susannah said...

"he is facing one murder and sixteen counts of terrorism."

"Where is the outrage on msnbc and cnn? Nowhere."

The next morning it was nowhere. Not on CNN, not MSNBC, not the alphabet networks...nowhere. All they talked about was the abortionist & Sodomayor. When the media won't even REPORT a story as important as that, we're in BIG trouble folks.

...and they claim no such thing as media bias...

James' Muse said...

No media source is truly inbiased these days, Susannah. CNN is more of the middle with a left slant. NY Times? Hard left. Fox news? Hard right.

Although I have noticed all of the above makign an effort to return to unbiased journalism, none of them are there yet.