Friday, June 26, 2009

Republicans: Denounce Norm Coleman

Seriously. The Minnesota citizens have waited long enought for representation. Its been now eight months since they voted. And they still don't have their senator.

The party that cried "Sore Looserman!" in 2000 (Gore was being a bit of a tool with all those recounts (and his invention of the internet haha)) needs to take their own advice.

Al Franken leads Coleman by at least 312 votes after all recounts. Yet he is still fighting. This isn't a noble fight, however.

Its a blatant voter rip off. The people spoke. They chose Franken. Deal with it dude. Stop being such an ass, and stop putting your career above the people you swore to serve. They don't want you!

The lower courts of Minnesota have spoken: Franken is the winner. Coleman is the loser. Stop denying the Minnesota Citizens democracy for your stupid partisanship.

Please, Republican Party: If you really stand for what you say you stand for, denounce Coleman and let the people speak.



Patrick M said...

Personally, I think Stuart Smalley had help in stealing this out from under Norm, but I agree: It's time to suck it up and take the loss. You can always come back (I hope not) and beat him (HA!)in 6 years if it bothers you that much (as does Norm's "size" (XXX small))

Shaw Kenawe said...

Norm made his point. But close only matters in playing horse shoes.

Franken won; Coleman lost.

End of story.

James' Muse said...

Yeah. But its now been eight months since the election...and they still don't have a senator. Enough is enough.

TRUTH 101 said...

Coleman doesn't have much going for him now. He quits, he loses the cushy job created for him while fighting this. Plus his republican "friends" you're a friend as long as you're useful, will brand him a quitter and loser. Better for him to let the Supreme Court decide than quit on his oqn. Then the right can bloviate about the court picking Minnesota's senator and not the voters.

Rachael said...