Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pakistani band together to oust Taliban

From CNN: 

Hundreds of Pakistani villagers who have formed an anti-Taliban militia battled for the fourth day Tuesday to remove the Islamic militants from a region of northwest Pakistan.

The Pakistani military is supporting the militia, or "lashkar," in Upper Dir district on the request of local officials and tribal elders, military spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas told CNN.

Outraged over a suicide attack on a local mosque during Friday prayers, about 400 residents formed the militia early Saturday and began battling Taliban militants. The attack on the anti-Taliban mosque killed at least 40 people and wounded 80 others.

The militia has surrounded Taliban fighters in Shat Kas, a village where the Taliban have local support, according to officials in the Upper Dir district. The Taliban have dug into bunkers and are putting up a strong resistance, he said.

The fighting marks the first major battle between the residents of northwest Pakistan and Taliban militants.

At least 14 Taliban had been killed and four villagers had been wounded as of Sunday evening, according to local administrator Atif-ur-Rehman.


I'd say this is interesting, and I for one am glad to see locals, not just the military, supporting the war on terror. The Taliban can't be defeated in Afghanistan alone, and without the support of the locals we won't go far.

Also, Susannah, here is another example of Muslims against extremism. 


bluepitbull said...

Goes to show what even an oppressed people can do if pushed too far. Let that be a lesson for this president if he learns nothing else.

Seriously, there will be a lot of blood shed in the name of supressing and crushing the Taliban. We should pray for these brave people.

bluepitbull said...

I think you've shot your wad, James. That last post you made was too historical to repeat. Maybe you should give up.

It's like when Huey Lewis and the News made the album "Sports". Just about every song was in the top ten. He just couldn't make a big comeback afterward.

James' Muse said...

Haha. My last post was just my short opinion on some highlights of a speech I liked...but the comments were carryover from other conversations (Susannah, Shaw, yours)....

James' Muse said...

Plus this one is hard to argue with since I didn't really inject enough personal politics in ;)