Thursday, June 11, 2009


The GOP is making this too easy for Obama.

I mean c'mon, seriously? More talking points? All you are doing is alienating more people than you already did. Bring back the big tent. Bring some REAL alternatives. Not just vague criticisms and blind opposition.

Now before you conservatives get all on me and tell me to get out of the party, back off for a minute.

Here's what I'm talking about:
On Sunday, a senior Senate Republican made his case against the Democrats’ plan for a “public option” for health insurance.
He explained that the public option would "be the first steps in... destroying the best health care system the world has ever known."

There are very good arguments against the health care proposals being advanced by the Democrats.

This is not one of them. And with only weeks before the full Senate considers a comprehensive health care reform package, such talking points will only undermine the Republicans’ efforts to challenge and improve upon the Democrats’ efforts.

...the Democrats’ modest sounding public option would in fact deal a fatal blow to the private health insurance most Americans enjoy.

Disincentivize employer-provided group insurance through an employer-mandate and the taxation of benefits.

Establish politically motivated benefit packages with coverage mandates, that along with guaranteed issue and community rating, will drive up the cost of insurance.

And create an individual mandate with generous government subsidies.

It is clear where this will wind up. With nowhere else to turn and no serious proposals for “bending the growth curve,” American taxpayers will be on the hook for another growing entitlement that will be paid for either by tax increases or government rationing of care.

Not a pretty picture.

Merely spewing talking points and opposition reminds me too much of late march and early April. Remember the Federal Budget Proposals? The Democrats had a bad proposal. The Republicans? No proposal. Well, a proposal that was more of a non-proposal, with no numbers. Then they put out another non-proposal with made up numbers and a writing style akin to a high schooler turning in a report they wrote the night before. No real research. So what happened when the alternative wasn't an alternative? More Republicans voted against it than than Democrats voted against theirs. You know there's a problem when you can't get your own to vote for you.

Healthcare is too important for the GOP to repeat its own history. Give us a REAL alternative. Don't wait til the last minute this time, guys. Get it together.

Clay continues:

While certainly decent compared to the alternatives, objectively speaking our health care system is a mess. The government subsidizes the care of the elderly by stiffing doctors, who then pass along those costs to the privately insured. In a post-industrial national economy, individual insurance decisions are subject to the regulations of 50 state insurance commissioners, undermining portability. The government provides massive and regressive subsidies to employer-provided coverage, while providing practically meaningless tax breaks to those who seek care in the individual marketplace.

In other words, the system is pretty lousy and needs work. Conservatives helped to make this case, first in the think tanks, then in President Bush’s proposal for health care reform, and finally during Senator McCain’s campaign.

It may be that the vast majority of Americans with private health insurance are satisfied with their coverage. But they certainly worry, particularly in this economy, about a health insurance system that largely ties your opportunity for coverage to your employment. And they understand that their share of coverage is consuming an ever larger portion of their income.

In other words, they might be satisfied with the system, but they aren’t ecstatic about it.

And if Republicans’ opening shot is that the Democrats’ plan will undermine the greatest health care system on earth, Rahm Emanuel is somewhere smiling.


Dave Miller said...

Any proposal should also be considered in light of recently disclosed information that the majority of personal bankruptcies are tied to exploding medical costs.

James' Muse said...

Exactly. That's why comments such as "ruining the best healthcare system the world has ever known" is far from the truth. Maybe for the top 20% who can actually afford healthcare costs, but for the rest of us, even with insurance, its a balancing act.

bluepitbull said...

Ask yourselves why healthcare costs are so high? REALLY dig deep for the answer....I think it has something to do with people called lawyers that run this country.....

Think man.

James' Muse said...

That's part of the problem.

Another part is BigPharma.

Dave Miller said...

Maybe Blue it has more to do with people refusing to accept that death is a very real part of life and something we will all face eventually.

It seems as if everyone wants to live to be 150 years old and makes sure their doctors are focused on that at all costs.

bluepitbull said...

Or, just maybe, it's all the people that think, "What's in it for me?" Everytime they see anything. Lawsuits for any and everything have been commonplace for at least the last three decades.

But you want' the government to play God if I hear you right? Decide who lives and dies? Explain please.

bluepitbull said...

James' Muse said...

I don't think socialized medicine is the answer. My post is that the GOP need to come up with something other than talking points this time. This is too important for them to just say they hate it without offering up a real alternative.

bluepitbull said...

OR, maybe we could try nothing. Healthcare is not that expensive.

There are already programs out there for people who can't afford it. There are also emergency rooms. This is emannuel and obama's way of seizing more control of the private industry.

James' Muse said...

My point is that if the GOP does nothing, socialized medicine will happen.

Doing nothing doesn't work either. As has been stated before, the majority of bankruptcies is due to medical costs, even with health insurance.

What we have isn't enough.

Dave Miller said...

Blue, for sure lawyers are part of the problem.

And no I am not for anyone other than those affected, and their families making life and death decisions.

But part of the problem is that instead of prolonging life in a lot of instances, people are making costly decision that are really just prolonging the inevitable.

bluepitbull said...

Perhaps you are on to something we can both agree on, Dave.

I really don't relish paying for people that smoke, drink heavily or other unsafe practices like illegal drug use. But this plan will provide for all of the above. We shouldn't have to pay for those who can't control themselves.

I pay extra on my life insurance because of asthma and my BP meds. But, I alone pay for it. I do not want to be taxed and/or have them tax my private health plan out of existence. That is most certainly the end game here. obama hasn't seen a private industry he doesn't want to own, exploit and steal from.


Incredible. BPB and I are in agreement about litigation costs.

There are indeed an enormous amount of siuts filed against doctors and hospitals for bad things that were the fault of the patient. Mothers smoking, drinking or using drugs while pregnant is a huge problem. The baby is sick and a good percentage of them blame the doctor for their stupid and careless behavior.

The tort system as it applies to the medical profession is in need of serious reform. OB doctors are leaving areas because they can't afford malpractice insurance.

bluepitbull said...


But we need tort reform across the board.

That's not the only thing I was talking about, though. When his medical regulatory board get ahold of everything, all freedoms will be taken away from the people. Don't think for a second that there won't be huge sweeping regulatory control over every aspect of your life as to 'prevent' unnecessary harm to the people. This is already starting to include tobacco reform. It will also take away such freedoms as alcohol consumption and what type of vehicle you drive and how far you can drive and when, etc.