Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three men try to burgerlize off-duty cop's home, get shot

Score one for 2nd Amendment rights!

From the Miami Herald:

The three people who wandered into a Miami Lakes neighborhood with plans for a home invasion early Monday morning were not greeted by a frightened homeowner, but a police officer prepared to fight back.

That's the scene that unfolded at 4:30 a.m. Friday when three robbers tried to break into the home of a Bay Harbor Islands police officer and his wife, said Lt. Nancy Perez, a Miami-Dade police spokeswoman.

The off-duty police officer fired at the three intruders, possibly injuring one of them.
In investigating the attempted home invasion, Perez said detectives learned that a man had sought treatment for gunshot wounds at Memorial Hospital Miramar, which is in nearby Broward just north of Miami Lakes.


Patrick M said...

Too bad.

Only one got shot and they all lived.

A DRT (dead right there) story would have been more inspiring. :)

The Second Amendment really does work.....

TRUTH 101 said...

My Granddad told me if I shot a guy trying to break in I should drag him in the rest of the way. Is that still necessary? I'd hate to do allthat and mess up a good carpet over some scumbag.