Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rest in Peace, Ted Kennedy.

Whether or not one agreed with his politics, he was a great senator. He spoke his mind and fought for legislation. We need more Senators like him on both sides of the aisle.

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy
February 22, 1932-August 25, 2009


Anonymous said...

He was a strong senator who fought for what he believed and although I didn't agree with him, nor did I particularly like him, I hope others can look at him and mimic his work ethic.

As more people post about this story I hope they can do it with the class it deserves as you did!

LYNNE said...

Thanks Jennifer...for nothing much but a token comment, one that was to be expected by a republican.

Anonymous said...

First off, I'm not a Republican. I am an Independent. I don't stand on party lines and if you knew anything about me, you would have known that.

Second, would you rather I lower myself to some on the right, who have done nothing but spew hatred?
I won't come on to a sight that is doing a memorial and disrespect the author by blasting the man.

No need to thank me, I didn't do it for you! :-)

James' Muse said...

Jennifer, sorry about this "Lynn." I've heard some people have linked to her name and have been going around saying some things like this. If it is the real Lynn, then I'd be really disappointed. If its the imposter, the imposter should grow up.