Friday, October 9, 2009

W.T.F. Obama wins Nobel Peace prize?

What the...?! Don't get me wrong, I think Obama is alright, whatever, but the Nobel peace prize? C'mon! For what?!?!

Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, yeah, I'm proud that our President got it, that the USA got it, but seriously? Obama has done nothing to deserve it. In fact, he would have had to have been nominated by February 1st, 11 days into his presidency! (thanks Tao)

He was awarded the prize for "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Really. What efforts?

For ending the war in Iraq? Oh wait, we're still on Bush's timetable for withdrawal. For ending the war in Afganistan? No, we're putting more troops there. Oh, that's right. For beating the taliban out of Afganistan. Wait again, they control more now than before! And we're sending drones into Pakistan now to fight them! So yeah, Obama sure ended war, the antithesis of peace.

Maybe he got it for closing Guantanamo. Oh, nevermind. He hasn't done that, either. Maybe for ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Nope.

I've got it! His speeches have brokered peace in Israel between Israel and Palestine! Oops, they are still killing each other!

Damn. Obama sure hasn't done much of anything after all. He sure deserves the peace award.


Shaw Kenawe said...

I actually thought the same as you until I learned that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee give out this prize not only for accomplishments but for the POTENTIAL an individual has to effect worldwide change toward peaceful solutions.

I see this as a prize for all Americans of good will who still hold onto the hope that we can always do better and will always strive to listen to our better angels.

Think about it. This is an honor for the whole country, and Mr. Obama humbly acknowledged in his speech that he didn't deserve it, but will work to be worthy of it.

Dave Miller said...

I see you watched the SNL video.

Really, I agree with Shaw. This is award is really based on the committees hope of what can happen with Obama.

A world where differences are settled through honest dialogue and where people treat each other with respect and dignity.

Even your enemies.

It does not, and will not always work, but as a starting point, isn't it a good place?

Anonymous said...

James, I've been commenting about this all day it seems. I find it sad that the Nobel Peace Prize has become nothing of a joke. When you consider those who received it, MLK and Mother Theresa, giving it to Obama cheapens it more than it already was by Gore.

In response to Shaw's post, so I'll just copy what I said here.

"extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy"

"work for a world without nuclear weapons.
Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics."

Using statements like those above change the outlook on it. I think they should have stayed with the "vision" aspect of the piece.

James' Muse said...

Shaw, they could do that for any leader then. All leaders have the potential to bring peace. Yet Obama really hasn't. Maybe he will, but really, he shouldn't have gotten this award. As for potential, according to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize should be awarded "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Emphasis on have done not might do. I was no fan of Bush's, but this reeks of the committee, in February, 11 days into the new presidency, celebrating the end of Bush. And THAT's why this is a joke.

Dave, I haven't watched it, yet. But I do feel this way. I like, and voted for, Obama. But so far, his foreign policy isn't much different from Bush's.

Also, I'm not mad at Obama. Although I think politically, he should have declined the prize. It would have made many respect him more.

Jennifer: Exactly. I feel like this cheapened it a lot. Maybe if they gave it to him halfway through, or at the end of his presidency. But 11 days into it? C'mon.

Anonymous said...
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Susannah said...

Um, this prize was also awarded to Yasser much for prestige, value & depth of meaning; unless you're an anti-semite of course...

I'll reiterate what I said @ Z's blog on the subject:
“The Nobel committee is preaching at Americans, but they won’t be deceived,” says John Bolton.

This is the smartest thing I've heard on the subject, & it articulates the twisting in my gut that I couldn't quite put my finger on...We're being lectured in an a#$-backward, tongue in cheek kind of way.

Funny thing is, BHO doesn't realize or recognize it. He really thinks it's about HIM. (But, of course.) If he really did get it he would, indeed, "refuse the prize and show some folks he has a pair." (quoting Ducky's Here)


As for giving out a prize for POTENTIAL effectiveness in international relations, I've got a pretty sharp 6 year old who's got potential by the wheelbarrow full...I also have lots of "hope of what can happen" for/with her. Wonder if she'll be up for the Peace Prize next year?

Rediculous. This award means nothing & BHO should stand up for his country by refusing to accept it. Of course he won't - and miss all those cameras?

I can have a dream too, no?

James' Muse said...

I have to say, at first I thought he should've turned it down.

But then the majority on the right would've shunned him for "embarassing America" by refusing the award.

I'm mad at the committee, not Obama.