Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Man charged $23 quadrillion dollars

A New Hampshire man went home one night after running errands to check his bank balance online. This is what Josh Muszynski's online banking said his account balance was:

-$23,148,855,308,184, a $15 overdraft fee.

What did Muszynski buy?

A pack of cigarettes at the gas station.

Muszynski called the bank about the string of numbers on the screen and a $15 overdraft fee the bank tacked on to his mysterious debt. After two hours on the phone, Muszynski said, the representative on the line had no idea what to say.
"She just tried to assure me that everything would be fixed, and I couldn't see something like that being fixed," Muszynski said.

Nearly 24 hours after the hole formed in his bank account, Muszynski checked his statement again. The bank corrected his statement a day later.

I especially liked what he said he'd do with the money if he really had that much, and here's where the politics comes in:

If he had $23 quadrillion, Muszynski said he would give it all away, and maybe also bail out General Motors a few more times.



dmarks said...

I think somehow the national debt as it will be at the end of Obama's two terms got charged back to this guy's bank account.

James' Muse said...

I doubt it'll be THAT hope is that he'll stop the spending soon, and will start paying stuff back.

Anonymous said...

The guy has quite the sense of humor. I knew cigarettes were getting expensive, but Wow! :-)

James' Muse said...

I thought so, too. I'd be pretty ticked off at being fined that much. The bank should give him something for the trouble.