Friday, December 5, 2008

President´s Illegal Detaining

According to this NY Times Article, the Supreme Court is finally going to take up the case of a detainee being held as an enemy combatant. But this person, a Mr. Ali al-Marri, is not being held at Guantanamo Bay. Nor was he arrested offshore. Al-Marri was arrested in Illinois in December 2001 as an enemy combatant and has been held in isolation in a Navy Brig since, with no trial and no charges brought, with only one signed affidavit from a senior intelligence official. The lawyers for al-Marri are arguing an obvious and gross suspension of habeas corpus, as he was arrested on American mainland soil. This is getting ridiculous.
Why do we allow this to go on? Charges should be leveled against President Bush. We impeached Clinton for perjury regarding his personal sexual life. Why the hell aren´t we charging George W. Bush for gross constitutional violations? Both Guantanamo bay and the example listed above are examples of constitutional violations done by the executive branch of the US Government. Just because he is a lame duck president doesn´t mean he shouldn´t be charged. Presidents should live in fear of the people they govern, that if they do something so obviously unconstitutional, not to mention wrong, then they should live in fear, even in their last month of the Presidency.
Your thoughts?


Pamela D. Hart said...

Out of curiosity, why do you believe terrorists should have Constitutional rights? They aren’t like any enemy we’ve ever encountered before. They want us DEAD. They show us no mercy and will slice our throats rather than look at us. Why should we give them the rights and benefits of our Judicial system? I’m not saying to chop off their heads. But granting them the rights we would other enemy combatants is, in my opinion, naive in a post 9/11 era.

jameswolfer said...

Anyone in the US gets rights. Otherwise, you or I or the immigrant down the street with a green card can be accused by our government of being a terrorist and locked up with the key thrown away. Doesn't that sound like the Gestapo a bit?